About Us

Goals, Values and Beliefs

First and foremost, here at Autos On The Go, we place integrity and ethical standards before profits. Our goal is to maintain a direct relationship with our clients that will enable us to provide exceptional, quality service. Management and staff take pride in working strenuously in order to exceed customer expectations. After years of experience we understand that respect and common courtesy is what drives some to succeed, while lack of it may drive others to fail; therefore we try our very best to honor all requests and go out of our way to fulfill our customers’ needs. We are dedicated 100% to customer satisfaction.

Fully Licensed, Bonded, and Insured
Primary insurance coverage for each and every single vehicle on the truck.

Nationwide network of hundreds of transport companies
Affiliates in all major metropolitan cities.

Lowest claim and complaint ratio in the industry
Hundreds of satisfied customers have transported their vehicles on time and damage-free.

Who uses Autos On The Go

Individual Relocation– Some people move because of work, others by choice and etc. This is 80% of our customer base.

Students– Many students need their cars when they start college. Others bring their cars back home for the summer. Either way, we offer big discounts for students in need of vehicle shipping.

Dealerships– Vehicle swapping among other dealers or simply selling to customers nationwide is fairly common. We work with car dealerships on the price when it comes to multi-car shipping.

Snowbirds– Some people go down south for the winter and need a method of transportation when they are there. Once the weather heats up we gladly bring your car back north.

Military– Military personnel can be moved around from base to base quite frequently. Autos On The Go offers huge discounts to men and women of the armed forces.

Things to consider when choosing an auto transport company

Check credentials. Ask for references. Look at the BBB score. Autos On The Go maintains an “A+” rating with the BBB for almost 6 years now. We have positive relationships with nationwide car dealerships, private car collectors and moving companies that would gladly vouch for our level of service.

Make a phone call and try to personally assess what type of people you are dealing with. Your vehicle is very important to you therefor you should chose a company that seems trustworthy and you are comfortable with.

You get what you pay for. Choosing the absolute lowest price will not always get you the best service. Any ethical company in the industry will inform you that you can only have two of the following three: quality, speed, and price.

Go Green

Autos On The Go has a long standing commitment to reducing automobiles impact on the environment by purchasing carbon offsets. We donate a portion of our income to fund greenhouse gas reductions through Terrapass. Also, we provide certain discounts for the transport of hybrid vehicles.


Only once your vehicle is picked up by our carrier do we require payment (usually about 15-35% of the total amount). The remainder of the balance is due on delivery to the driver by cash or money order. There are absolutely no hidden charges and you will never be asked to pay more than your quoted price. We do not get paid until we have picked up your car

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