Expedited Auto Transport


Are you suddenly in need of auto transportation and don’t have much time or flexibility with the pick-up date? If you answered yes, then Expedited Auto Transport Service may be in your best interest. Expedited Auto Transport Service: the quick and easy way to get your vehicle picked up, ASAP. How does the Expedited Auto Transport Service work? Simple, we prioritize your shipment. In other words, we put your vehicle at the top of the “to pick-up” list.  The expedited auto transport service typically costs about $125 – $250 (depending on a few factors including the route and type of vehicle) more than your standard auto transport price, and comes with the perk of having your unit picked up on the same/next day from the initial booking date.


Pick-ups for auto transportation generally take place in a logical order, and along a route where fuel expenditure is kept at a minimum. If the additional fuel used for going off route is being compensated for with an increase in price (Keep in mind car carriers typically consume about $.75 per mile), the carrier then has no issues with going out of his way to service you in your time of despair. The expedited auto transport service is the fastest method for instant pick-up of your Auto Transport. It is the quickest and most logical way to get your auto transport loaded up in a constrained time period. Please understand that from time to time we will outsource a 2nd party local flatbed service to come pickup your vehicle.


If we don’t have any auto transport carriers in the area in the time of your need for auto transportation (and this really depends on the route your vehicle will be traveling on), we will assign a local tow company to pick-up the unit from you, and we will coordinate all the moves with them. This way, you can freely go about your business and do what you need to do, without the headache of having to constantly worry about handling your auto transportation. Our total expedited auto transport service price will include all the fees necessary to provide this service for you. Please don’t hesitate to ask about the expedited transport service option. Call 866-924-7447 and inform us of your needs!

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