Vancouver Auto Transport

Autos On The Go provides auto shipping service to British Columbia on a weekly basis. We specialize in the transit of cars from the USA to Vancouver and also run auto transport service from Vancouver to USA. Our local auto transport trucks also ship to Delta, Burnaby, Surrey and Langley. We offer auto transport service to the majority of metro Vancouver. Car shipping rates to Vancouver depend on a variety of factors such as – size of vehicle, pickup/drop-off location, timeframe, etc. Call for an instant quote 866-924-SHIP.

Our auto transport service to Vancouver is strictly USA-Canada based. We currently do not transport any vehicles intra Canada. So if you need to move a vehicle from Vancouver into the US, we can help you out regardless of where in the USA it’s going.

*** If you are looking to save money, we have pickup/delivery options in Blaine, WA. You can either pickup or drop-off here and save significant time and money on customs agents and cross border shipping fees. *** (shaded in box)

Vancouver auto transport providers are hard to come by and there are only a handful of bonded and insured carriers servicing this route. We take pride in car hauling here for the past 5 years and have developed a long list of repeat clients such as auto dealerships, seasonal snowbirds, etc. If you need an expedited move and we are not in the area, we have sister carriers in the vicinity with excellent track records and all of our drivers are hired based on responsibility, customer service awareness and clean driving record.

Canada to US Customs clearance – we are familiar with both temporary (informal) and permanent (formal) entry of all vehicles in to the USA.

  • CPB Form 7501 entry is used for:  1) Canadian vehicles coming in to the U.S. 12 months or more. 2) US vehicles that came in to Canada via formal (permanent) entry. 3) US vehicle sold in Canada and coming back to the US.
  • CPB Form 3299 entry is used for:  1) Canadian vehicles coming in to the USA for 12 months or less.  2) US titled vehicles returning.

US Customs requirements for importing a vehicle:

U.S. to Canada Customs clearance – allow us to help you with either temporary and permanent entry of all vehicles in to Canada

  • Formal Import will cost $250 and GST/Duty will be paid via Canadian dollars through an email payment link.
  • Returning  Canadian vehicles entry Form B4-eng Decleration.

RIV Clearance

Canada Border Services Agency

A Canadian citizen is entitled to a $10,000 CAD exemption on one vehicle if they are moving back to Canada. If this is the case, please advise as the vehicle needs to be brought “in-bond” to a Canada customs bonded warehouse to claim this exemption. Importer is required to complete exemption paperwork at that time and pay import fees. If importer does not want to claim exemption, vehicle will be processed as an import and RIV/GST/Duty will apply and can be delivered to destination address.

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