US Canada Auto Transport

Are you looking to buy a vehicle from the US and transport it into Canada? Or maybe you’re coming in on a temporary basis such as vacation, work, or school? Either way, Autos On The Go will help you with the transport of your automobile from the US to Canada.


Asides from the transportation aspect of your move, if required, our designated agents will cover:

 72HR title clearance

Pay all applicable duties and taxes

Prepare necessary paperwork determined by your method of entry


Some important charges to remember:

-5% GST

-6.1% duty for automobiles not manufactured in North America

-$100 A/C tax

-$195 RIV Form1

-Provincial sales tax payable at time of registration depending on Province requirements


Documents needed:

 Copy of Passport or Driver’s License

 Bill of Sale

Original Title (copies needed also)

Recall clearance letter


Please note: If Canadian vehicle returning with personal items in the car, it will come in-bond. Also, any Canadian citizen returning with a US vehicle for temporary entry will also comes in-bond. Lastly, any person coming in with a Work-Visa also comes in-bond.


US Canada auto transport service is our main focus here at Autos On The Go. We invite you to call in at any time in regards to a move of this nature. We understand the complexities involved when shipping a vehicle from one country to another and will be glad to help. Autos On The Go will guide you every step of the way and we will put years of experience on your side in order to ease the entire process for you!


Toll Free:    866-924-7447

Direct Line: 248-462-3541


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